Unaccompanied Housing

Unaccompanied Housing (UH) at Command Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY) sits on the entrance to Tokyo Bay and is the largest Forward Deployed US Naval Base in the world! CFAY UH comprises over 4000 beds across 11 buildings with each barracks offering multiple lounges and common area kitchens. There are four barracks construction projects in varying phases of design and construction to increase the Quality of Life for eligible sailors and Resident Advisors.

The UH complex is centrally located within the base and a short walk from Womble Gate. Base amenities include a free on base shuttle service, on base taxi service, in room WiFi (Americable) and is within walking distance to the NEX, food court, pool, galley and multiple food chains! UH is situated next to a summer pool and outdoor BBQ recreation area.
The Front Desk classifies sailors, by their orders, into Sea or Shore duty. You will be assigned within your command footprint.

Sea Duty
• E1 - E4 UNDER 4 years of service, will reside in the barracks.
• Paid E4, OVER 4 years of service, are eligible to reside off base after receiving a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA).

Shore Duty
• E1 - E4 will reside in the barracks.
• Paid E4s are eligible to reside off base after receiving a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA).
Certificates of Non-Availability are for sailors that are moving off base into the local economy or into family housing on base. To receive your CNA, you must bring a copy of your orders, LES and Housing Brief Certificate to the UH Front Desk. Housing briefs must be scheduled in advance, please contact the Housing Services Center (HSC) at 243-9037/ 046-816-9037. The HSC is located next to the Navy Lodge.
Resident Advisors (RA) are largely Sea duty Geographical Bachelors in the grades of E6 – E9 that wish to reside within UH during their overseas tour. Resident Advisors are a first line resource and advocate within the barracks for single sailors during and after hours. Resident Advisors are SAFE Talk certified and trained to respond to general UH/Navy questions, facility questions and maintenance items you may have while residing in UH. To become an UH RA, route a special request chit through your command, including your Unaccompanied orders, RA Agreement, SAFE Talk and SAPR RA certificates to the UH Front Desk. Completed packages will be routed for approval by the CFAY CO.
All UH buildings have their own unique QR Code, located in the lobby, on each floor and on the back of room doors. Once scanned, they populate a fillable email message directly to UH staff. If your phone is not compatible with the QR Code or there is an emergency, immediately call 911 or the UH Front Desk at 046-816-5569.