Auto Skills Center


Whether you're a hobby enthusiast, a car care novice or an auto expert, the Yokosuka Automotive Skills Center (YASC) will afford you ample opportunities to spend time doing something you love, whether with a group or by yourself and can help you save big bucks on vehicle repairs and maintenance. YASC provides a variety of tools for performing typi-cal car maintenance and repair work. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff are available for guidance and teaching. If you want to make it a father/daughter, sister/brother or other type of group activity, there’s definitely a lot that two people can accomplish together at YASC and it's a great place to jazz up your vehicle.

New Hydraulic Press
There are many uses for a good press. Great for straightening, stamping, bending, and pressing any component that is hard to handle. To enhance your do-it-yourself experience we have added a new hydraulic press to our machine lineup. This machine can do wonders for your metalworking projects. Speed up your production time and streamlining your pressing process. Visit the Yokosuka Auto Skills Center today and take advantage of our new opportunities. We aim to provide a wide range of solutions, reduce costs, and increase e ciency.

New Tire Changer
A tire changer designed with cutting-edge technology and advanced features is about the most indispensable piece of equipment that the hobby enthusiast, novice or technician will need. Our team of experts narrowed down the best state-of-the-art tire changer. The dreaded chore of changing a tire is now fast, easy, and even makes work a little fun. Whether you've been banging beads out of that same stubborn tire or operating tire changers for decades, visit the Yokosuka Auto Skills Center today and take advantage of the our tire changing service equipment.

At Yokosuka MWR Auto Skills Center we believe that the convenience of self-storage should extend beyond having additional space to store property. We strive to provide our customers the most convenient storage options when they visit. Every self-storage service and feature we offer is aimed to make your storing experience as smooth and easy as possible.

2nd & 4th Saturday of every month. Please register by the Thursday before each class.