Deployed Forces Support Program


MWR’s Deployed Forces Support Program enhances the quality of life for more than 180,000 Sailors and Marines at sea and forward-deployed Navy ground forces. Sports, recreational programs, physical fitness equipment, social activities (parties/picnics), tours, subsidies/rebates and gear locker checkout are just a few of the morale-enhancing opportunities offered.


Deployed Forces Support Coordinators (DFSCs) are located at major fleet concentration areas throughout the world, and assist ships and forward-deployed ground forces with programming, financial management, recreation administration, procurement and property management. DFSCs are civilian recreation and fitness professionals exclusively dedicated to supporting the MWR needs of the fleet and forward-deployed ground forces. DFSCs will teach the Fleet Recreation Management Course to Recreation Service Officers and Fund Custodians on a regular basis and provide Deployed MWR Officers with the necessary guidance to facilitate recreation and fitness programs onboard.