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West Valley Campground

Conveniently located 1.5 km northwest of Ikego main gate, the campground includes five campsites, five rustic cabins, four dual-sided restrooms, and a covered picnic area (potable water unavailable throughout the campground). All cabins and campsites come with a designated BBQ grill, picnic table, and fire pit.

• Cabin rentals start at $40 / day
• Campsites $20 / day.
• Pavilion $10 / day
Maximum 20 people per campsite.

Reservations can be made at the Outdoor Recreation Center, Thursday - Tuesday • 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Hours: Check-in is 3 p.m. Check-out is 11 a.m. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. - 8 a.m. Please note: on-site staffing is minimal and limited to standard business hours.
Parking: Maximum 2 vehicles per campsite/cabin driveway.
Fires: Fires are restricted to designated fire pits and must be tended to by a responsible adult at all times. Fires must be completely extinguished whenever unattended. DO NOT use a fire extinguisher to put out fires.
Pets: Leashed dogs are allowed in all areas except cabin interiors. Please pick up after your pet.
Power: Selected cabins are equipped with a solar power system. Power is intermittent and is NOT guaranteed. No refunds will be issued for lack of power.
Water: All water sources on site are unfit for human consumption.
Waste: To avoid fines, please ensure all waste is properly bagged and disposed of in either your site’s garbage can or (if full) in the green dumpster located across from Shobu/VIP cabin. Wildlife will quickly rip open and scatter exposed bags.

Ikego Paintball Yard is located just past Ikego Campground main entrance (sliding gate) on the right. It features two large woodsball and speedball courses. Open to ages 10 and older.

Youth ages 10 - 17:
Parent consent is required and the parent or legal guardian must attend our mandatory safety brief - available on site during the weekend 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Parents and players may attend the brief in advance. For children ages 10 - 12 years the parent/legal guardian must be present for the entire duration of play.
Weekend Open Play:
Saturday - Sunday • 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Whether you prefer the mission-based teamwork of a Saturday woodsball game or the fast-paced action of a Sunday speedball game, the Ikego Paintball Yard has it all! No equipment? No problem! $20 covers field fee, unlimited air, marker, and mask. Pay only $10 when you bring your own (includes field fee and unlimited air). Paint sold separately. No reservation required!
Weekday Reservations:
Monday - Friday • 
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
MWR offers a special package for private weekday reservations of its paintball field. The package includes a marker, mask, unlimited air, and 200 paintballs. A minimum of ten players and seven days advanced notice are required. Please visit the Outdoor Recreation Center to reserve and pay. $100 deposit required.
• Daily Field Fee (includes unlimited air): $10
• Basic Rental Package (marker & mask): $10
• 500 paintballs: $20
Optional Upgrades:
• Harness (carries 420 paintballs): $5
• 16” Barrel (enhanced accuracy/noise reduction): $5
• Electric Marker (weather permitting/speedball only): $10
Unless base closes, The Ikego Paintball Yard remains open rain or shine.
Play Time
Staff can usually begin assisting players at 9:30 a.m. Number of games depends on players: fast prep + minimal safety violations equals more games. The average player goes through 500 - 1000 paintballs in a day.
Each facility includes covered picnic tables and an enclosed pit toilet. There is no potable/drinkable water nearby. There is no food available on the facility but you are welcome to bring your own. The nearest food & drink purchasing is located at Ikego NEX Mini-mart.
We highly recommend light and comfortable clothing that covers exposed skin: pants, long-sleeve shirt, ball cap, beanie, enclosed shoes with good traction. Hoodies are not recommended. We do not provide clothing.
Personal Gear
We welcome personal gear. Masks must be designed specifically for paintball and meet ASTM standard. Tanks must be within 5 years of last hydrostatic test. Markers will be chronographed to ≤300 fps and capped at 10.5 bps. Field paint only.