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West Valley Campground

Cabin & Campsite Rentals
The Ikego West Valley Recreation Area is the place to spend a fun-filled weekend with family and friends! Each site holds a maximum of twenty people. There are five rustic cabins available for rent. Three of these cabins offer solar powered heat and air conditioning. None of the cabins have running water. All cabins and campsites have a designated BBQ grill.

Cabin Rentals start at $40/day. Payment is required in person to make a reservation.

Campsite and cabin reservations can be made at the Outdoor Recreation Center Thursdays-Tuesdays from 1000-1800.
Friday Ikego Campground Drop-off (Blue Jacket)  
Camping in Ikego is a great way to spend the weekend, yet getting there on a Friday night can be more hassle than fun.  If you rent a cabin for Friday night, the Outdoor Recreation Center will provide transportation to the campgrounds!  Return transportation is not provided, however, Jinmuji train station on the Keikyu line is only a short walk from the campground.

Upcoming Events

Great Navy Campout at Ikego Campground

Saturday, June 30 Free campsite rentals, Outdoor movie at 6:30 p.m., & 50% off gear rentals. Due to inclement weather, this event was changed from its original date of Saturday, June 23.Read More