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Transition Support

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
This interstate compact is a game changer for military families in resolving education transition issues for military children. In tangible ways it assists military students in their multiple school-to-school transfers. Articles IV-VII address Enrollment, Placement, Eligibility, and Graduation policies. Every school district in the US has military children and all 50 states have adopted the compact as state law. Each state has an appointed commissioner and council. The District of Columbia and DoDEA are ex officio members.
Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3)
• MIC3 Website
• MIC3 Facebook
• 5 Minute Info Video
Youth Sponsorship Program (YSP)
The Youth Sponsorship and Student 2 Student programs match youth sponsors to inbound youth 3rd-12th grade, including home school students. Youth have instant validity with other youth and as sponsors help new youth connect to their new installation, school, and community. The three components of YSP are Outreach, Orientation, and Peer-to-Peer. To request a youth sponsor and/or become a youth sponsor, please send us an email with your name and grade.
• Navy Youth Sponsorship
• Youth Sponsorship Application (pdf)
Youth Area Orientation Brief (AOB)
In addition to the weekly AOB for adults, Yokosuka Fleet & Family Support Center provides an adapted AOB for new youth once every month. There is one for elementary-age youth and one for middle and high-school-age youth. Each one is two hours in length and is held in the Community Readiness Center.

Elementary AOB: Third Tuesday of every month, 1400-1600
Middle/High AOB: Third Wednesday of every month, 1400-1600
• To register for Youth AOB contact: 243-3372 or Email
• Yokosuka FFSC Facebook
PCS Checklist - From the Parent/Guardian:
• Student’s birth certificate
• Student’s social security number/card
• Student’s shot record
• Legal documents, as needed (power of attorney, custody papers, etc.)
• Proof of residency (2 utility bills with remittance attached)
• Military orders (including housing orders)
School Information
• Address, phone numbers, email, and other contact information
• Course description book/grading scale (for 6th grade and above)
• Copy of the cover of each textbook
• School profile/handbook
• School web page
School Records
• Copy of cumulative folder (only the copy mailed between schools is considered official)
• Current schedule
• Report cards
• Withdrawal grades or progress reports
• Test scores (standardized or special program testing, etc.)
Special Programs Records as Appropriate
• Individual Education Plan (IEP)/Individual Accommodation Plan (504)
• Gifted and Talented Program description
• English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual Education description
• At-Risk or other action plans for classroom modifications
PCS Outbound
• Directory Navy School Liaison Officers
Non DoD School Program (NDSP)
Yokosuka does not offer the Non DoD School Program (NDSP) but if you PCS to an area that does here is the information and process.

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