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Purdy Fitness Center

Purdy Fitness center is available to all Active Duty, SOFA sponsored, and DOD civilian personnel and their families.

The fitness center has both free weight and selectorized weight rooms and a family fitness area where you can find cardio and strength equipment as well as a safe area for your children while you work out. Purdy Fitness Center also has two racquetball courts, two basketball courts, and a 50-meter swimming pool. The swimming pool offers year round swim lessons, water fitness, lap swimming, and recreational swimming.

There is a group fitness/martial arts room that supports over 25 classes per week. Our cardio room has 40 pieces of equipment, including bikes, rowers, treadmills and ellipticals.

Lockers are available both for daily use as well as for monthly rental. Laundry service for your PT gear is also available for a monthly fee. Gear for a variety of sports as well as locks and towels are available for check out.

Outside of the facility, you will find a Tactical Fitness training area, skate park, tennis courts and a field complex with football, softball, and flag football fields. The fitness center has 12 gazebos on the waterfront that are available for reservation free of charge.

Youth of ages 15 years and up who are enrolled in high school are allowed to use any of Purdy Fitness Center's facilities without supervision.

Children of ages 10-14 must attend our Youth Fitness Orientation and must be under direct adult supervision at all times in order to use the facility.
Youth Fitness Orientation
Orientations will be offered at Purdy Fitness Center every Thursday at 4 p.m. Agenda includes a facility tour, rules and regulations, basic equipment use and safety guidelines. Registration is required and parents must attend with their children. Visit the front desk or call 243-5398 or 241-4486 for more information.

CNICINST 1710.3 authorizes youth (age 10-14) access to MWR fitness centers only if they have completed this program and facility orientations prior to their initial workout.
The family fitness room (or soft play area) is available to customers accompanied with children aged 9 and under.

There is a separate area for those children who can walk and those who cannot. All Children require active adult supervision, and active adult supervision means that a guardian 18 years or older must be actively watching the child and may not be actively watching the child and may not be in a separate room or area (i.e. the parents/guardian in an exercise class and chid/children in the play area).

Shoes are not allowed in the play area, but socks are required. No snacks, food, drink other than water, are not allowed in the play area.

Large Lockers:
$100: 1 Year
$55: 6 months
$10: 1 month
Small Lockers
$70: 1 year
$40: 6 months
$7: 1 month

Let us wash your PT gear! Fleet Recreation Center and Purdy Fitness Center offer a laundry loop service. You can sign up at the Front Desk at Purdy Fitness Center or the Fitness Office on the third floor of Fleet Recreation Center. Please bring your receipt to the gear issue to pick up your laundry loop. When you are finished working out just drop off your dirty laundry on the loop at Gear Issue or dirty laundry bin. For more information call Purdy Fitness Center at 243-5398.

$10: 1 month
$55: 6 months
$100: 12 months