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Outdoor Recreation Program

The registration deadline for our events is listed under each title. Please plan ahead and mark your calendar with these important dates. Call 243-5732 for more information. We thank you for your continued patronage and support in making these trips and events possible.

For those planning a command function (i.e. picnic, change of command, retirement) or even a birthday party; we have all of the equipment and supplies necessary. We have tents, chairs, tables, bunting, children's air toys, etc. available for rental. Rent and install on your own or let us do the work from reservations, delivery, set up, and break down - we are here to help! Please contact Special Events at 241-3708 or 046-896-3708.


Whether you need to blow off some steam, are looking for a fun place to hold a birthday party , or just want to try something new, the Ikego Paintball Yard is a great place to go. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure you a safe and fun-filled day. The natural lay of the land offers a fun woodsball experience, on Saturdays. We also have a speedball field for those looking for a fast paced game, which is open on Sundays. Also be on the lookout for upcoming tournaments, big games, and scenario games. The field is open to anybody 10 years and older. Parents need to be present for children 12 and under. Children 13 to 17 will need their parents to attend the mandatory safety brief before they stay and play.

Whether you prefer the mission-based teamwork of Saturday’s Woodsball games or the fast-paced action of Sunday’s speedball games, Ikego Paintball Yard is the place to be! Don’t have your own equipment? Rent a marker and mask for $20 which includes unlimited air and field fees. For players with their own gear, the cost is only $10 for field fees and unlimited air. Paint sold separately.

WEEKDAY GROUP RESERVATIONSMWR offers a special package for private weekday reservations of its paintball field. The package includes a marker, mask, unlimited air, and 200 paintballs. Field reservations are available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.  A minimum of ten players and seven days advanced notice are required.

• Case of 2,000 paintballs: $65
• Bag of 500 paintballs: $20

• 2 hours: $20/player (includes mask and marker)
• 4 hours: $36/player (includes mask and marker)


Free estimates! Have our certified bicycle technician take care of your major or minor bicycle repairs and maintenance. For more information on bicycle repairs or equipment rentals, please call 243-5732.

Upcoming Events

Rock Climbing at Jogasaki

Enjoy the warm sunshine on the east coast of Izu Peninsula. Jogasaki is known for its mild temperatures even in the middle of winter; a perfect gathering place for climbers to escape the chill and enjoy beautiful ocean views. Read More

Sapporo - 5-Day Trip

Sapporo is the perfect destination for your winter vacation. The city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972, the first games to be held outside Western Europe or USA. The average annual snowfall in Sapporo is 6.3 meters (20.67 feet), which is rare for such a large city. Read More