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Tickets & Travel

1. U.S. military active duty personal.

2. U.S. civilians employed at U.S. overseas organizations and U.S. employees of the Department of Defense.

3. U.S. personnel retired from the U.S. Armed Forces.

4. Escorted minors may be allowed to join tours with a guardian designated by sponsor/spouse and 19* years or older (limited to 4 minors per guardian). The prospective guardian must be present at time of signup and present identification to verify the age requirement and sign the STATEMENT OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. The Tickets & Travel Office reserves the right to reject requests based on tour activities that are deemed unsuitable for guardian responsibilities or conflict with CFAY/CNRJ policies. *For children 9 and under (and/or without a military I.D.) an additional notarized Power Of Attorney must be submitted. *Adults that are 18 are eligible to be guardians provided they are SOFA, self-sponsored within region Japan.

5. Bona fide guests sponsored and accompanied by those detailed in this paragraph. Guests are limited to one per eligible sponsor.

6. Personnel of third countries who are stationed onboard foreign ships/aircraft visiting FLEACT, Yokosuka.

7. Others who have full NEX privileges.

1. Individuals can make tentative reservations by telephone. Telephone reservations must be partially paid for overnight tour and fully paid for the day tour in person by the end of the next working day or the individual’s name will be removed from list.

2. Confirmed reservations made in person at the Tickets & Travel Office will be guaranteed if full payment is made.

1. MWR cannot guarantee customer’s admittance into any Hot Spring or Spa if customer has visible tattoos. *Hot Spring or Spa may let patrons wear RASH GUARD over tattoos.

2. Patrons must present ticket or receipt to tour guide prior to tour departure.

3. Patrons must bring sufficient yen, as there may not be any money changing facilities in the area.

4. It is the patron’s responsibility to arrive on time for the tour. Refunds will not be issued for missed transportation.

5. During tours, neither MWR nor tour guide(s) nor bus driver(s) are liable for bodily injury and/or loss or damage to personal property sustained by patrons.

6. MWR is neither liable nor responsible for inability to meet established tour schedules or for inconveniences and/or extra expense to patrons involved therein due to weather conditions, traffic conditions, mechanical failures, accidents or other circumstances beyond its control.

7. MWR has the right to cancel tours at any time. In the event of and MWR cancellation, full refunds will be made to patrons.

8. Some tours are not recommended for small children. For safety sake, car seats are required for children four years of age and under, or, for children’s weighing less than 40 pounds. A belt positioning booster seat is required for 4'9" ft. and under.

Upcoming Events

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Shorinzan Darumaji Temple & Fukiware Falls

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Nikko Sightseeing

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