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Information on All Programs
The Fitness & Wellness office is located on the 3rd floor of the James D. Kelly Fleet Recreation Center. For more details or information on any of our programs, events, personal training or group exercise, please call 241-4486 or 241-3077.

Personal Training
Don't know where to start? Looking for motivation? Our personal trainers are here to help you achieve your individual goals! Sessions start at $25/hour, 3-session package for $70, 5-session package for $115, or a 10-session package at $225. Group session packages available at a discounted price. Please visit Purdy Fitness Center or Fleet 3F Fitness Office for more information on how to get started!

Martial Arts Classes
A variety of martial arts classes are being offered at the Purdy Fitness Center, Fleet Gym and the Hawks Nest Training Center. Stop by the Purdy Fitness Center or Fleet Gym for a detailed class schedule. You can watch any classes if you are interested in and can ask questions to our skillful master sensei! E-5 and below are free! You must register with your BlueJacket Liberty card at Single Sailor Liberty Center, Fleet Rec (1F).

Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling System (NOFFS)
Every 3rd Wednesday of every month • 8 a.m.
One-day course on the foundation of the NOFFS workout. NOFFS provides the Navy with the best in class physical fitness and nutrition information for sailors, allowing the Navy to maintain peak, physical readiness which is a top priority of the 21st Century Sailor & Marine Initiative. Registration is mandatory; for registration details please call the Navy Fitness Office at 241-4486. Click the links below for more information regarding NOFFS.

NOFFS General Information
NOFFS Nutrition Booklet
NOFFS Downloads
NOFFS Interactive Meal Builder
NOFFS Virtual Trainer
NOFFS Marketing Tools

Thursday • 2 p.m. • Fleet Gym GX Studio-A
Interested in diversifying your Command PT or FEP sessions? Why not let one of our fitness specialists lead some classes for you? We offer a wide variety of fitness formats that help avoid monotony. For inquires, please call us or visit the MWR Fitness Office.

Agenda includes a facility tour, rules and regulations, basic equipment use and safety guidelines. Registration is required and parents must attend with their children. Visit the Purdy Fitness Center front desk or call 243-5398 or 241-4486 for dates that the orientation is offered and for more information.

CNICINST 1710.3 authorizes youth (age 10-14) access to MWR fitness centers only if they have completed this program and facility orientations prior to their initial workout.