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Yokosuka Child Development Center

Child Youth Programs
Navy childcare programs are critical for our Service members who need to go to work every day, serving both at home and abroad. During the current COVID-19 crisis we are adapting our Child and Youth Program (CYP) operations to meet both the Navy’s mission and family requirements, while ensuring the children in our care and our professionals are healthy and safe.

Effective March 17 the following “social distancing” changes are being implemented:
• All Programs/Services that are NOT full-time childcare (ages 0-12) cancelled/postponed until further notice/continual monitoring
• All Hourly Childcare cancelled (unless emergency/ mission essential)
• All Youth Sports, Youth/Teen Programs, Field Trips away from Navy Childcare facilities cancelled
• No New childcare enrollees into Navy operated programs (unless emergency/mission essential)
• Parents are required to self-care for own children at home if Navy full-time telework agreement during COVID-19 pandemic is executed, parent fees will be waived/space saved
• Parent fees will be waived/space saved for all personnel who elect to voluntarily temporary withdrawal their child for at least two weeks or until May 1, 2020
• Installations may request waivers to reduce program operating hours
• Supplemental staffing required from other N9 programs for increased cleaning/sanitation
• Background check requirements waived but supplemental staff always in line of sight supervision of “blue smock” CYP employee and not in ratio
• School Liaison Officers Assigned to CDC/SAC to supplement
• All training requirements postponed
• All Teacher in-Service Days cancelled
• Increased handwashing and sanitation practices (e.g. cleaning door handles, hard surfaces, etc.)
• Minimize visitors (e.g. postpone all non-critical facility maintenance, etc.)
• Staff shall complete all sign in/out protocols
• Discontinue Family Style Dining (staff will plate food for children)
• Discontinue Tooth Brushing and Use of Sensory Tables

CDC is for ages six weeks through pre-kindergarten, provide quality child care with scheduled developmental activities, free play, story telling, music and art offered in a warm, secure environment. The Main and Ikego  Child Development Centers (CDC) have full day care for children ages six weeks to five years. Two meals and one snack are provided, two outdoor exercise periods and a rest/nap time period are planned in addition to regularly scheduled age appropriate developmental activities throughout the day. A contract and prepayment are required.

Hourly care is available at the various Child Development Centers. Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance. Program registration and orientation is required prior to care. Please call the respective facility to make your reservation: Main CDC 243-3219 | Ikego CDC 246-8060

All Navy programs are required to issue Child and Youth Programs Fee Policy for FY2017. The policies and guidance are uniform throughout all Naval installations in Japan.

Fees for Child Development Centers (CDC) and School Age Care (SAC)
Fees for Child Development Centers (CDC) and School Age Care (SAC) are in compliance with the FY2017 fee letter and will be adjusted to meet Department of Defense standardized fees.

WORK for MWR - CYP Needs You!
Are you interested in providing high quality, educational and recreational programs for children and youth? Become part of our staff and foster a sense of independence, trust, and responsibility within each child through understanding and respectful interactions. Earn college credit while working in a fun and dynamic environment. CYP is an opportunity to serve military families, while working with a professional and rewarding organization. For more information, please call 243-5446.