Housing Services Center

Living in Japan can be fun and a challenge. Learning new customs, tasting different foods, and finding a house you can call home; are all part of the unique experience you will encounter.

The information here will give you a head start to an informed beginning in your new home. Let us take you step-by-step through the process to apply for on base and off base housing at the Yokosuka Housing Services Center.

For any questions about family housing, please contact each point of contact directly or email us. NOTE: Please review the information contained in this website as it contains fairly detailed information that should answer most of your questions. If you cannot find the answer, please include pertinent information with your questions in your email. For example: I am an E-6 with a spouse (non-military); a 6 year old boy; and 9 year old daughter (I have Family Entry Approval for all). I also have a dog & a cat. We will all arrive together on June 22nd. I will be attached to the USS Ronald Reagan. My question is.....This type of information will help us to answer your questions quicker.