Winter Blast - Snow Fun!

Winter Blast - Snow Fun! Saturday, February 24 • 1 - 5 p.m. • Ikego Campgrounds
Join us for a family friendly event where we bring the snow to you. MWR will provide a shuttle bus - please see schedule below.
Schedule of Events:
• 1 p.m.: Welcome Remarks
• 1:10 & 3:10 p.m.: Snow Queen Performance (Stage)
• 1:50 & 4:10 p.m.: Snow Queen Meet & Greet (Cabin 1)
• 5 p.m.: Closing Remarks

Activities will include:
• Snow Playland
• Snow Queen Performance and Meet & Greet
• Music
• Air Toys
• Scavenger Hunt & other games
• Face Painting and other crafts
• Bonfire

Food Menu: (Limited quantity / while supplies last)
• Cheesy Chicken Burger
• Hot Dog
• Minestrone Soup
• Brownies
• Hot Cocoa
• Bottled Water
SHUTTLE BUS: Yokosuka NB to Ikego Campgrounds / Ikego Campgrounds to Yokosuka NB
Yokosuka Pick-up & Drop-off will be at the corner of the base galley and MWR Admin. Building.
Time Route
12:30 p.m. Yokosuka NB to Ikego Campgrounds
2 p.m. Yokosuka NB to Ikego Campgrounds
3:30 p.m. Ikego Campgrounds to Yokosuka NB
5 p.m. Ikego Campgrounds to Yokosuka NB
SHUTTLE BUS: Ikego NEX Mini-Mart to Ikego Campgrounds
Pick-up & Drop-off will be adjacent to NEX Mini-Mart
Time Route
1 p.m. Ikego NEX Mini-Mart to Ikego Campgrounds
2 p.m. Ikego NEX Mini-Mart to Ikego Campgrounds
3 p.m. Ikego NEX Mini-Mart to Ikego Campgrounds
4 p.m. Ikego NEX Mini-Mart to Ikego Campgrounds
1:30 p.m. Ikego Campgrounds to Ikego NEX Mini-Mart
2:30 p.m. Ikego Campgrounds to Ikego NEX Mini-Mart
3:30 p.m. Ikego Campgrounds to Ikego NEX Mini-Mart
4:30 p.m. Ikego Campgrounds to Ikego NEX Mini-Mart

Event FAQs
• Is there an age limit? Do children need to be accompanied by an adult?
There is no age limit. All children should have parent supervision. No supervision will be provided.

• How do I purchase tickets?
No ticket purchase/s necessary.

• Who is allowed to play carnival games and in the snow?
All are allowed to participate. Please visits attraction rules board for more information regarding restrictions.

• Is there a cost to play in the snow?
No cost for the snow play area.

• Are there any snow restrictions?
Suggestion of up to 5min play time increments in order to allow vast majority of others to play. MWR has the right to remove and patrons that may be harmful to themselves or others.

• Will there be food?
Yes. However, food and beverages are available for purchase only.

• Is there a rain date scheduled?
Yes. Rain date is scheduled for Sunday, February 25. This date will be enforced if there is inclement weather that prohibits us to proceed with at least 50% of planned activities. Stay posted to our Facebook page for updates.

General FAQs
• Can I sign up as a volunteer?
Yes - Provide your name, schedule availability and contact information to

• Do you provide Letters of Appreciation?
Yes – We will provide a letter to all volunteers.

• Am I required to register to attend this event?
No. There is no registration required to attend this event.

• Is there an admission fee?
No. Admission is free.

• Who may attend this event?
This event is open to all DoD and host nation ID cardholders of all ages. All personnel will still be required to show proper identification to access the base. Base access rules apply.

• Base Guest Sponsorship:
Large scale event sponsorship will not be available for this event. Patrons are able to sponsor guests on to the base through normal Security procedures. Please contact the pass office more information about base sponsorship protocols.

• Will parking be available?
Only DoD ID cardholders will be authorized to drive and park on base. DoD ID cardholders will be able to park in designated parking areas on base. All guests will not be authorized to drive and park on base. All guests who need to park outside the gates, must be in concurrence with the regulations set forth by the City of Zushi.

• Are pets allowed?
No. While we love animals, pets are not allowed at this event, except for designated service animals.

• Will there be a shuttle bus available?
Yes. Shuttles will be provided by MWR. Please see above for schedule and stops.

• Will alcohol be available?
No. Alcohol is prohibited.

• Is smoking allowed at this event?
Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

• Is there dress code for this event?
No. However, since this is an outdoor event, please dress according to weather conditions.

• Will restrooms be available?
Restrooms will be available throughout the campsite.

• Contraband:
I. No items may be left unattended at any time.
II. Personnel who do not wish to have their baggage checked will be turned away. This includes persons carrying large bags, backpacks, etc.
III. No sealed bags or articles unable to be opened will be allowed onto the installation.
IV. Should any guests be found to have in their possession knives, razors, or other small, yet inherently dangerous instruments, they will be turned over to Japanese police for adjudication.
V. Glass bottles are not authorized. Any containers which are not sealed will be discarded with the exception of baby formula which will be inspected to ensure the contents are not harmful.
VI. Spray paint is not authorized.
VII. All other contraband will be brought to the attention of Police.
VIII. Distribution of commercial flyers or display of banners will require immediate notification to the SECO/ASECO/CPOIC. The flyers and/or banners will be confiscated and the offender will be identified and released to Police for removal.
IX. No form of electronic/radiological monitoring equipment.
X. Bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards are prohibited for all event attendees – guests and DoD ID cardholders.