March Marathon Challenge

March Marathon Challenge March 1 - 31
You will have 31 days in the month of March to complete the 26.2 mile Marathon Challenge. Cards will be provided by the Fitness Office and Purdy Fitness Center for you to log your distances. Prizes will be awarded to participants who complete this challenge. You can complete the distance in one or multiple runs.
Event FAQs
• How do I register?
There is no registration needed for this event. On February 26 your tracking card will be available for pick up at Purdy or Fleet Fitness Center to start your March Marathon Challenge.

• How do I use the tracking card?
Each participant will record their miles on the day they run.

• Where do I turn in my tracking card to receive my prize?
Turn in your completed card of 26.2 miles at the Fleet Fitness Center to receive your prize for completing the March Marathon Challenge.